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Top Features To Look For In Commercial Vacuum Filter Bags

If you have a commercial cleaning business, the tools and supplies you use every day to get the jobs done serve a highly valuable purpose. Every little thing should perform as well as possible so you don't end up with damaged equipment or working harder than you have to. This is especially true with the commercial vacuum filter bags you use on your industrial-grade vacuums.

There are so many different kinds of filter bags, and some of them can be found pretty cheap, but you cannot buy cheap and compromise your equipment. Here is a look at a few good features you should always look for when you buy filter bags for your cleaning business.  

Tear-Resistance Construction

With an industrial-grade vacuum, you will be picking up a lot more than just the general dirt and dust that a usual vacuum collects. This means that debris that comes flying into the bag of the vacuum can be pretty large, and the average bags cannot stand up to such roughness. Look for commercial vacuum filter bags that are made from materials that are tear-resistant, such as polyester or plastic. These bags will not leave you having to change the bag frequently because of damage. 

Plug Cover for Receptacle Opening

When you go to pull the full vacuum filter bag out of your commercial vacuum to change it, you do not want debris to leak out of the hose opening and litter the floor again. Therefore, filter bags that have a plug for the opening or receptacle of the bag are the best. These bags allow you to slip the plug in place over the hole before you remove the bag, so you do not spill anything on the floor or down into the vacuum itself where it can create a problem. 

Allergen Filtering Design

A lot of vacuum cleaner bags claim to filter out allergens so they are not returned to the air with vacuum operation, but a lot of them do not do a very good job. When your business is getting things as clean as possible, you will want bags that are highly capable of not leaving trace allergens behind. Look for bags for your industrial vacuum that have true HEPA filtering capabilities to capture the most allergens. These bags will not only collect allergens, they will be the most likely to not have issues with fine dust leaking out of the bag when it is jarred or moved around as well.